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Hello, fellow geekers! It was a very Disney loaded week when it comes to nerd news...but that was all overshadowed by the overloads across the pond. The Royal Baby arrived (which number is this again...why do we care? we're American's...anyways) they named him Archie. The guys over at Riverdale and Archie Comics must be loving this. Here is some trivia: Marvel also had an Archie Comics easter egg In Age of Ultron. Remember Iron Man's Hulk-Buster suit? It is called "Veronica". Why? Before Banner had eyes for Natasha, he was into a lovely lady named Betty. Joss Wheaton decided to take advantage of the opportunity and honor the age-old comic book question...Betty or Veronica? The more you know...

Alright, we have it all. Spider-Man, Star Wars, New Shows, Canceled Movies, and more on the Geek Freak of the Week...


Is Spider-Man Setting Up Something....Secret?

The new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer is out...and it looks like Marvel is getting into the Spider-verse. Gee, where have we seen this before? Personally, I don't believe Mysterio is from another Earth. The guy is one of Spider-Man's top way he's on the side of good and helping Fury and Hill. I remember back in the animated series when he first showed up to take on our favorite wall-crawler, he used illusions and other gimmicks to trick people and now that the world knows about aliens, time travel, and Iron Man's sacrifice is the perfect time for Mysterio to step in and take advantage of everything.

If they are getting ready for the Marvel Multi-verse, then the next big set up for the MCU has to be the Secret Wars story line. It would be a great follow up to the Infinity Saga. What is the Secret Wars? Good thing I have an honorary PhD in Superheros and Comic Books. Time for a little comic book history lesson.

It was a comic arc that ran from 1984-1985 and featured many of the characters that Marvel just inherited from the 20th Century Fox deal. A cosmic being known as "The Beyonder" wanted to test the sides of good and evil, so he rounded up a few Marvel characters and sent them to another dimension to battle it out. On one side it was Spider-Man, Mister Fantastic, The Thing, Human Torch, Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, and a few members of the X-Men. On the villain's side, it was Doctor Doom, Ultron, Doctor Octopus, The Lizard, and Galactus.

See what I mean? Most of the characters that are key to the Secret Wars are either still around after the events of Endgame or were just brought into the Marvel/Disney family. Secret's happening. You read it here first.

Spider-Man: Far From Home swings into theaters July 2nd. 


Into The Galaxies We Go

When someone asks you what movies you will be seeing in December, you have a answer. Disney is really making a strong standing for itself in that month. For the next few years it looks like we will be heading off into one galaxy or another. A new set of Star Wars films are being made along with the much anticipated sequels for Avatar. You know how some people say there is "superhero fatigue" is it possible to get "galaxy fatigue"? Oh well...take my money!



They should just release movie on Disney Plus when it comes out...looks like we have to wait even longer for New Mutants. The reason? Release date competition. By pushing the film into 2020 they can have their pick of dates without interfering with what's already out now. The new date: April 3, 2020. Oh...and Channing Tatum's Gambit solo film is officially canceled. The movie may be, but my geek gut tells me they will use the character in a few of their X-men reboots.


Marvel's Phase 4 Is A Go!

Set your calendars for....

  • May 1, 2020
  • November 6, 2020
  • February 12, 2021
  • May 7, 2021
  • November 5, 2021
  • February 18, 2022
  • May 6, 2022
  • July 29, 2022

what movies will be with what dates? So far, no clue. We know this. Marvel is working on a few sequels to Blank Panther, Doctor Strange, and Captain Marvel. We also know Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, and a third Spider-Man movie will come out. But what about the other three dates then? The Eternal's and Shang-Chi are moving forward with adaptations and let us not forget that a solo Black Widow film is coming!


The Batwoman Signal Has Been Lit

With both Gotham and Arrow ending it's time for another non-superpower to take the stage. The CW has bat-lit a full season order for a Batwoman series starring Ruby Rose as our new caped crusader. Will it premier during the fall or after the mega crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths? Time will tell....


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