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hello fellow geeks AND Happy Father Day weekend to those who know they are and aren't one! Forget to get dad something? Instead of a tie or a card, why not grab something from my favorite place to shop. Check out Superherostuff.com! It's where I get all my shirts...no really, I do.

If you want to sit back and relax, on Netflix the final season of Jessica Jones is out for you to binge and in theaters this weekend is Thor Ragnarok 2...I mean, Men in Black:International staring Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson. Add this one to the list of hyped movies that flopped. Kind of sad, like Dark Phoenix, it had great hopes but the reviewers seem to pan it. Fan reactions are slightly different...so it's a 50/50 toss up if you will like it or not. I'll let you decide this one. For now chug back that weekend brew as we have some geeking out to do, so let's dive right in to the Geek Freak of the Week!


Go! Go! Exclusive Rangers!

Hasbro's Lightning Collection is growing. You know...the lightning collection...the line of Hasbro's Power Ranger's action figure. They are pretty awesome. It just launched this past year with Tommy as the White Mighty Morphin Ranger, Lord Zedd, SPD Shadow Ranger, and the Red Dino Charge Ranger. A second wave was announced for the fall including Goldar and the Pink Mighty Morphin Ranger. Now they have something to add! Coming to San Diego Comic Con 2019 is not one but TWO Jason's. For $49.99 you can get Jason in both of his ranger forms, Red Mighty Morphin and Gold Zeo...complete with weapons!

Now, if you aren't going to Comic Con, don't worry...it'll be for sale on Hasbro's website but in limited quantities! So be on the look out for when they go on sale...you better have your credit card and security code memorized!

International Comic Con starts Thursday July 18th in San Diego and goes until Sunday July 21st.

PS...I know this is nitpicky, but what's going on with Jason's Red ranger helmet? It looks...different.


What Could Have Been

This would have been nice to see. Really, it would have. The X-Men and Fantastic Four are intertwined a lot in the comics so it would have made sense to do a crossover in the movies. In the Days of Futures Past comic we meet Sue Storms and Mr. Fantastic's kid, an element I thought we were going to see in the movie version, but, we didn't get that. The plan 20th Century Fox had was this...the Fantastic Four reboot back in 2015 was suppose to add those characters to the X-Men world and we would have seen Deadpool and Daredevil apart of that as well. That sounds amazing, right? All steam was set ahead but then the Fantastic Four reboot bombed and all plans were tossed out. Now that Marvel and Disney have everything...let's see what happens with the next phase with these classic characters.


Lobo Is Getting The Lime Light

SYFY's Krypton season two came back this past Wednesday, June 12th and is already planning it's next move in the future. Lobo, who looks like he is auditioning for a role in the band KISS, is set to get his own spin off series. Lobo came into DC Comics back in 1983 when writers were looking to make a new gritty character. He quickly became a fan favorite and then in the 90's they turned him into a biker gangster who went around the galaxy as a bounty hunter (they added that touch to his persona because many compared him to Wolverine and Punisher) The last time we saw Lobo outside of the comics was on the animated Superman series from the 90's, a few times here and there in the Justice League series in the early 2000's, and most recently in the DC Universe series Young Justice.

Are you ready to see Lobo in his own series? No word on release date...it's still in the early development stages. To see Lobo at his best, watch a few clips here!


Ant Man 3?!

Paul Rudd is pushing for it. As he should. Without Ant-Man there would be no plan or victory in Avengers Endgame! It's the the least Marvel could do. A little part of me wants to see him team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy...I feel that be a fun movie.


That's A Whopper!

Well, kind of. Maybe this one won't make you crap black or green after consuming this like the "dark whopper" they release every October. It's literally an upside down Whopper. That should taste the same, right? Why are they doing this? Well, along with Coca-Cola, Burger King is putting out products in time for season three premier of Stranger Things, which arrives July 4th on Netflix. I love the fact they used the old BK logo. Now I want a whopper....


Hush Little Batman, Don't Say A Word....

Because Mommy is gonna buy you the movie a week early!

This is great news! Since it was a good Dark Knight, DC and Warner Brothers decided to move up the release date of the Blu-Ray and DVD of the Batman: Hush up a whole week to August 6th! The digital release date has not changed and will be able to download and watch on July 20th.


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I'm Maz, and that's the Geek Freak of the Week!


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