So Many Fireworks! And The Geek Freak of the Week

The long awaited Fourth of July weekend is here! Before diving into the helpings of geek gossip and nerd news of the week, take a look at how to properly eat a burger without making a mess. You know, for science! This will really help you avoid an embarrassing ketchup stain on your new summer shirt.


Hungry now, right? Why don't you wash it all down with a refreshing coke while we take a look at what happened this past week!

Old Coca Cola Is Back

Timed out perfectly for the release of Stranger Things Season 3 is the return of the one of the biggest product flops in history. Back in the 80's Coca-Cola went through a little mid-life crisis and changed up their sodas recipe. It didn't go so well and eventually the company received enough pressure to go BACK to the original flavor. That could be the reason we see "original taste" on all the cans and bottles.

Since Stranger Things takes place in 1985 this season, New Coke had arrived and everyone was caught drinking it. Great product placement! If you're curious of what it tastes like you can try it as Coca-Cola is selling them (with free shipping) through their website. Here's the link! Go drink up.

Stranger Things season 3 is now on Netflix. Go binge!


Rita Azela?

This is something we fans in Ranger-Nation didn't know. Before Elizabeth Banks was awarded the part of the Rita in the 2017 Power Rangers film, it looks like Iggy Azela was in line to get it. She mentioned this during an interview with Nick Cannon during his morning show in L.A.

So, why did she turn down the part? She says it was due to the filming location (Vancouver, Canada) and she was nervous to play a villain. Okay, valid points. Rita is an iconic villain and you don't want to mess that up. At least she knew that before she was officially cast!

Speaking of Power Rangers, on July 4th the dates for Power Morphicon 2020 was announced via Twitter! September 4-6th in Pasadena, California. More on that next week!


Robin's Reckoning

It's been a while since we have seen a live-action Robin, movie wise that is. With Matt Reeve's "The Batman" starring Robert Pattinson entering pre-production, maybe this is the time to introduce the boy wonder on the big screen. Love him or hate him, Robin is an essential part of Batman's support team and history. How could they introduce him? Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy followed a series called The Long Halloween. Luckily there was sequel called Dark Victory, and that retold Robin's introduction. If they had to follow any influence from the comics, that's the one to go with. We have all seen the dark and stern Batman, maybe we can see a little bit of the "mentor" Batman that comic fans know just as well.

The Batman arrives in theaters June 25, 2021


No More Titans?!

Looks like the scouts are going to hang up their ODM gear. Attack on Titan season four will be its last. It's not one hundred percent caught up to the manga series so it may skip around, or pull a Game of Thrones, and make their own ending. It's not set to air until 2020 in Japan, then after getting the English dub, we might see it later. So there is time before we say farewell. No one panic yet! A quick note, the current season was split into two parts. Perhaps that's the plans for season four just to spread it out.


Black Adam Is Coming!

Yes, I know. I posted this earlier in the week. This is a great set up for the next movie. Check out this deleted scene from the Blu Ray/DVD of Shazam!


The extra chair is a placeholder for Black Adam, one of Shazam's greatest enemies. We saw a quick glimpse of him in the movie when the Wizard met Billy Batson. Black Adam was originally given the same powers at another point in history, but he was corrupted and used his new abilities for evil.

So...who is Black Adam? He has some different origins depending on the writer and the decade, however, the Egyptian back story stays the same more or less. In December 1945 he was a one-off character in the original Captain Marvel (yes, the REAL name of Shazam) back in Fawcett Comics. Black Adam came from ancient Egypt and his real name is Teth-Adam. The Wizard chose him to be his successor and granted him the power of the Egyptian Gods. Teth-Adam then used his new abilities to overthrow the Pharaoh. Seeing what went wrong, the Wizard strips him of his powers and buries him. Simple plan, right? Well, wrong. 

He gets discovered by an archaeologist thousands of years later, gets revived, and heads on a revenge-tour to get back at the Wizard. Except, now Billy Batson has the powers.

When DC relaunched the Shazam! series back in New 52, Black Adam's back story changed slightly. He was a slave in Egypt that was saved by the Wizard. After receiving his powers, Black Adam became evil, thinking he could make a better world. You know, the traditional super-villain thinking. Then the same situation as before...powers were taken away, gets revived, and goes on a revenge tour to beat Shazam and the rest of his family.  

What I love about the Shazam lore is the use of ancient mythology for the basis of the powers. Here's the breakdown. Shazam gets his from Greek and Roman Gods.

  • Wisdom of…. Solomon 
  • Strength of…. Hercules
  • Stamina of…..Atlas
  • Power of……. Zeus
  • Courage of…..Achilles
  • Speed of….....Mercury 

And here's Black Adam's, they are based on Egyptian Gods

  • Stamina of….Shu
  • Strength of… Hershef
  • Power of…… Amon
  • Wisdom of…. Zehuti
  • Speed of…... Anpu
  • Courage of….Menthu

Same stuff, different God. Wonder if that will be explored in the sequel?

Shazam! comes out on Blue Ray and DVD July 16th.

I'm not going to take up more of your time...get back to watching Stranger Things season three. We waited a long time for it to come out!

Don't forget to check out the Geek Freak of the Week Podcast...July is one packed month and I break it all down for you. Until next week. Stay sober and enjoy the fireworks, because, America. I'm Maz and that's the Geek Freak of the Week!



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