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It's been a week since Comic-Con in San Diego and HOLY CRAP was there a lot of news. The biggest thing? Phase Four of Marvel has been revealed! This is going to be a jam packed three years. Now you're probably thinking. Why is there a Geek Freak this week when all the news was posted from the comic con? I asked the same thing and what's been interesting is there is a lot of news coming out post-comic-con. Normally, most info is debuted in San Diego and then everyone takes a week or two off. Not this year! it seems the news just keeps coming. The reason for this is most likely due to Marvel's attendance this year. If anyone else announced something it would drowned out by the Marvel's news. Hey, good for us because now we get some more things to talk about...let's begin. Shall we?

Marvel, Marvel, and MORE Marvel

Duh, what else did you think I was going to start with? So, what will YOU be doing for the next three years?


I don't know about you...but I will be glued to my TV and going to the movies seeing all the new Marvel TV shows and movies that was announced. Are you slightly mad that you need to get the new Disney+ to watch some of this stuff? Yeah...me too BUT at least all of it connects. That was the trouble with the Netflix Marvel series and Agents of SHIELD. It existed in the same universe but no one mentioned it. Kind of a waste, but hey, maybe they learned from their mistakes.

It's time to address the elephant in the room. No news about Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 3 of the sequels to Black Panther and Captain Marvel. Don't worry, those will be in Phase Five according to Kevin Feige and other sources. Also, let's be realistic, this is Marvel. We know these characters will appear in the other films in phase four. We know this for sure: Thor: Love and Thunder will take place before Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 3 and last we saw, he was on a ship with Star Lord and the gang. So, I'm willing to bet we will see the Guardians sooner rather than later.

And if you're wondering about the newest additions to the Marvel family, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, & Deadpool, Kevin Feige said at the Marvel panel they are working on it...STAY TUNED!

Oh...and speaking of Disney+ on launch day this November, the following will be ready to stream: Star Wars, Disney films from both the Classical and Renaissance era's, a few Pixar films, Disney Animated shows, and programs from National Geo-graphics. Heavy on the Disney stuff and less on the Marvel movies and the other shows from the MCU...for now.


The Bat Is Blue

If there was a second place for winning Comic-Con 2019, this announcement takes it. In time for its 20th anniversary, Batman and DCAU fans were shocked to hear that Batman Beyond is getting a remastered Blu-Ray release! Last year it was announced that it's father source, Batman: The Animated Series was getting a fresh release on Blu-Ray so now it's time for the futuristic spin-off series to get the same treatment. Make some space in your DVD & Blu-Ray collection for this new set in October. It's about time this series got some love from Warner Brothers and DC. If sales do well, could another season or another direct-to-video movie be in the works? It's possible! I really want a revival, maybe a quick 10 episode arc! Had the show continued they were going to introduce a future version of Huntress. That be interesting to explore.

Speaking of movies and revivals. Remember the Justice League: Unlimited episode Epilogue?

Quick recap: Terry is a semi-clone of Bruce thanks to Amanda Waller! Love that idea or not, it was always the plan.

According to creator Bruce Timm in an interview with IGN, (click here for the full story) had Return of the Joker movie done better, the next Batman Beyond direct-to-video would be about the events in Epilogue on a more broader scale. Sadly, ROTJ didn't perform as well as they had hoped and all plans were abandoned. With the Blu Ray release, maybe that will get another traction for another go at it! As long as the voice cast and crew are willing to come back and work on the series again, there is still hope!


Zombie Rule #2...Double Tap

This trailer is exactly what I was saying when it comes to releasing news post Comic-con. This news has that weekend in San Diego written all over it but it was smart for Sony to release it a week after the fact because now we are talking about. After the ten year wait...we are finally getting a sequel! Here's your first look at Zombieland: Double Tap!


Go, Go Omega Rangers!

I could go on and on about the Power Ranger toys that were revealed at Comic-Con but that was already mentioned in a previous post. Now comes the fun part, the latest issue of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Issue 41 from Boom Studios is out and it shows Jason, Zack, and Trini as the brand new Omega Rangers.

This is a great concept for these three because in the TV series they were written out due to BS behind the scenes. In the comics, they are addressing their absence by having the trio on a secret mission with new never-before-seen ranger powers. The cover story is that they are at a Peace Summit in Switzerland.

The new Omega Rangers draw their power from the elements. Jason is Fire; Trini is Earth; Zack is Air; and to even out the team (along with making sure every ranger team has the three primary colors) there is a brand new Blue Ranger that wields the power of Water.

The new Omega Blue Ranger is named Kiya, she has white hair, purple skin, and a wise cracker that seems to be on the same quest as the other rangers. The new suits are awesome, completely original, and the new morphing sequence is great on the pages of this latest issue. I kind of want to see it for real! Who has time to make one and throw it up on YouTube?

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Issue 41 from Boom Studios is out now. Go support your local comic store and get it today!


By Kingdom Come, Superman Isn't Done, On The Earths of Infinite Crisis'

This years CW crossover event Crisis on Infinite Earths is set to be the biggest TV event of the fall and set the stage for the future of the whole Arrowverse. At the CW panel at Comic Con last weekend Brandon Routh, who plays The Atom in Legends of Tomorrow, is going to reprise his role as Superman in the crossover. Small twist, he won't be playing the Superman Returns version of the Man of Steel, he is going to be portraying the Kingdom Come version of Superman from the 1996 comics! Okay, what is Kingdom Come?

It was an Elseworlds story from DC comics that is set in the future with an older Superman returning to recreate the Justice League after it has been dissolved for ten years. In the League's absence, an older Batman, along with an older Green Arrow, has formed the Outsiders, made up of third-generation heroes and former sidekicks that are adults and now hold their mentor's vigilante name. On the other side is Lex Luthor's Mankind Liberation Front, or the MLF, which is made up of a few super-villains such as an older Catwoman, The Riddler, Vandal Savage, and the successors of Ra's Al Ghul's League of Assassins. Can any of that be adapted for the crossover? Sure! Will it be a prominent part of the event? Maybe! Personally, I was hoping that after this years crossover that 2020's event would be an adaptation of Kingdom Come on its own. They used last years event, Elseworlds, to set up Crisis on Infinite Earths, so maybe they are setting the stage for the next one. We'll see.

When Brandon Routh walked out on stage and revealed his Kingdom Come Superman Logo shirt, the crowd went wild. You can see it in the tweet below.

Crisis on Infinite Earths is only four-ish months away!


PS...did you see the trailers for the Arrow-verse's season premiers? They were all released at Comic-Con, you can watch them by clicking here!

Rejoice Humans! Zim Is Back

If you're part of the group that is ready to storm Area 51, wait until you watch this first. The Invader Zim TV-movie, Enter the Florpus, is arriving on Netflix in August! The new teaser is everything you ever wanted from our favorite alien invader.


Doom For The DCuniverse?

Well...this is an indication of things to come. Looks like Doom Patrol season two will be on the new WarnerMedia HBO Max streaming service. If you subscribe to DCuniverse, the second season will be there as well so you don't need to subscribe to another streaming service. Since Doom Patrol is the most popular show it seems WarnerMedia wants this across both platforms. What about Titans and other shows like Young Justice? So far, no news on that going over tp HBO Max...yet. Doom Patrol will be available to stream in 2020.


Excited for everything? That is just some of the news that's coming out post-Comic-Con. Trust me, there's more but you can catch p on more geek gossip and nerd news by following me on twitter, @MazOfRadio and by listening to the free Geek Freak of the Week Podcast!

Next week, there will be no new issue. I'm taking a week off to recharge the flux capacitor. See you on the other side! I'm Maz and that's the Geek Freak of the Week!



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