Geek Freak Breaking News! Spider-Man Drama!

Did your spidey-sense tingle? looks like the compromise back in 2015 for Marvel Studios to use Spider-Man in the MCU and co-produce with Sony more movies has reportedly fallen through. Does this mean Tom Holland and Spider-Man is done in the MCU?! If you're thinking "oh they can just re-cast or use another character like Miles Morales". Yah...about that.....


Sony owns the film rights to Spider-Man...ALL of Spider-Man in film. Characters and everything. So no Venom, Black Cat, or even others who have worn the Spider-Man mask. Even names can't be used. That's why in Netflix's Daredevil the newspaper Karen worked at was the New York Daily Bulletin. It was suppose to be the Daily Bugle, the same paper Peter Parker took pictures for.

The timing of this is odd. First, Spider-Man: Far From Home hit a milestone for Sony by crossing $1 Billion. A success they haven't seen since James Bond in 2012. Most recently, it was announced the movie was getting a re-release in theaters with some additional footage. Whose idea was that? Who wanted to squeeze more money out before this news was announced? Was it Sony or Marvel?

From what sources are saying, Disney wanted to re-do the deal that was made in 2015 and Sony doesn't like the ideas they are proposing. Some are:

  1. Disney and Sony split the cost and profits of all Spider-Man character movies 50/50
  2. Venom and other Spider-Man characters join the MCU

Now you might be thinking, Disney seems to put reasonable demands on the table. You might hate them for saying no, but Sony controls the rights and can do whatever they want. Plus it seems to have some things in their favor. Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse. Not only did it beat Disney out at the Oscars in the Best Animated Film category but it showed Sony could create a successful Spider-Man film without Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios.

Does this mean we are going to get another live-action Spider-Man reboot? Andrew Garfield need work? Sony did have a plan to create a Spider-verse of it's own at one time and with the success of Venom, they might be closer to that.

Don't be shocked to see rumblings on the internet of Disney trying to

  1. Buy back the rights (which won't happen, Sony's not stupid) or
  2. Disney attempting to buy Sony just like it bought 20th Century Fox.

Here's the thing...I was just warming up to Tom Holland as Spider-Man.

This story is still developing....



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