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So....this happened this past week.


Tuesday, was a weird day. The internet sort of exploded with the surprising news that Disney and Sony are splitting ties with each other over Spider-Man. This is leaving many fans upset and confused. Is Spider-Man out of the MCU? Is Tom Holland done with playing the latest incarnation of the wall-crawler? The answer: no one knows!

Sony owns the screen rights to all of Spider-Man. From characters to locations. That happened decades ago back when Marvel was bankrupt. Disney, as we all know, owns Marvel Studios and tried to change the deal that was struck back in 2015 so Spider-Man could be used in Captain America: Civil War. Bottom's all about money. Spider-Man: Far From Home has grossed over $1 Billion. Sony hasn't seen that since their 2012 James Bond film. Disney, doesn't get to see that cash, Sony does since they own the rights, so Disney tried to to renegotiation the 2015 deal and Sony said no. It's really up to you to decide who is at fault. Both sides have a point but Sony has the upper hand in this situation.

  1. They own the rights and will not give them up. Ever.
  2. Venom was a sleeper hit and showed Sony has the means and creativity to create live action Marvel films.
  3. Into the Spider-Verse. This is the big one. This movie BEAT Disney at the Oscars in the animated film category. Disney has dominated that category for a long time. To add, Sony made that movie without Disney or Marvel Studios and it won a freaking Academy Award. Sony knows it can make a great Spider-Man film so they are using those successes as their leverage.

To break it down even more Disney is trying to get in on a deal to capitalize on all the recent Spider-Man success. They want a piece of the pie and you can't blame them. In fact, after Far From Home I was finally warming up to Tom Holland. Sony is getting a lot of internet-crap for this and there are now movements like #BoycottSony and #SaveSpiderManFromSony trending everywhere. Here's the thing we all need to remember. It takes two to tango. According to how the story is being described in the media it was Disney who wanted to change the deal...not Sony. So, can we give Sony SOME slack over here?

The bigger issue is what's going to happen now? Sony has put out a statement saying that they are "disappointed" with the decision. Other sources have said that a deal could be still be struck and that both sides need to take a break and "cool off". Disney is focused on their D23 expo so at least they have that to drown out some of the negativity.

**update 8/24**. Tom Holland was at D23 to promote Onward his new movie with Chris Pratt. While there he broke his silence regarding all this drama. He said the best thing....


More Spider-Man news and other D23 news is at the bottom!

By The Power of Grayskull!

Kevin Smith has the power! Our Godfather of everything Nerd and Geek has been given the sword to create and write a new Masters of the Universe for Netflix. According to Kevin Smith he will give fans the "justice" this franchise deserves. Yes, the man has come in contact with some bad movies but I think a series that he use to watch will get the treatment it needs for today's audience. Hey, anything can be reinvented. Look at Batman. In the 60's he was a laughable character. Today, would you want to cross him?

I wonder if in Kevin Smiths version we will see He-Man wearing pants. It can't be easy to fight in trunks.


Plug The Matrix Back In

In the age of reboots and revisions The Matrix is now the latest franchise to get the treatment. Most of the original cast from the series are set to return for the next installment. When will it get released? idea so you still have time if you want to take the red or blue pills. I'm calling it now...the title will be Matrix Rebooted or Matrix Restarted.


Get More Shelves

Wave 3 of Hasbro's Lightning Collection has been revealed Power Ranger fans. Although this isn't exactly "new" news, it was leaked a few weeks ago, but now Hasbro has come out and confirmed the new figures are next for your collection. You know how the internet goes. Coming soon to your credit card statements are:

  • Mighty Morphin Red Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  • Dino Charge Gold Ranger from Power Rangers: Dino Charge
  • Blue Beast Morpher Ranger from the current season Power Rangers Beast Morphers
  • Lord Drakkon from the Boom! Studios Shattered Grid story arc
  • Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger is rumored to be dropping as well

A few things. First off, we are getting another Red Ranger. My guess it will be Rocky, the second Red Ranger, over the original Jason. Back in July there was an exclusive Comic-Con two-pack that was released with Jason in both his Red and Gold Ranger suits. Why would we be getting two Jason's as the Red Ranger so close together?

Second, Lord Drakkon is coming! The other evil version of Tommy can now be part of your collection. I love how the villains are getting some serious attention from Hasbro.

Thirdly, only rumors of the Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger? Hasbro has been getting some grief from fellow Power Ranger accounts and fans that the Lightning Collection is very male dominated. Their answer to that is (and I am paraphrasing here) "there is 26 years of seasons to cover". Not a bad answer but also avoiding the issue. Maybe we will get an all female wave? I am hoping for Rita. She was the original big bad. She deserves a spot in our collections. Anyways...back to Trini. Looks like she might be a store-exclusive like Goldar was with GameStop and Zack/Black Ranger wearing the dragon shield, that's coming this fall to Walgreens. Maybe they are just working out the details. Stay tuned!


Dial R For Joker

The official rating for Joaquin Phoenix's take on the Clown Prince of Crime will be getting an "R" rating when it comes out this October. I don't think you could have an origin movie about the Joker without that rating. This was expected, and a good thing for Warner Brothers and DC. Why? It looks like Deadpool and the other superhero properties Disney inherited from 20th Century Fox will not be getting R ratings in the future. This can be a territory DC and Warner Brothers can take over. It might be the thing they need to re-invent themselves. Hey, they wanted dark and gritty, this is the way to go.


D23 News!

Updated: Sat 8/24 6:40pm

It's like Comic-Con part two! As mentioned earlier Disney's D23 Expo (think comic-con but with Disney properties) is at foot this weekend. Yes, Disney and Marvel Studios has had some bad press this week. However, this expo will drown SOME of it out ,hopefully. Disney is announcing more news in Anaheim, California of TV series from Marvel and Star Wars for the new Disney+ that's ready to roll out in November. Below are all the updates coming out. Most recent news is first.


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