Storm Area 51! We Found Aliens In The Latest Geek Freak of the Week!

The raid was scheduled but then called off. DON'T CANCEL THE EVENT JUST YET! Aliens DO exist! Don't believe me? Nintendo has apparently hired two to sell us video games and equipment. No...I am serious...WATCH THIS!


Remember the show Ancient Aliens on History Channel? They were right all along!!

Before we dive into the latest geek gossip and nerd news out there. This needs to be addressed because there are some stories circulating about this. There are some "developing" reports about Disney and Sony sitting down and talking again about Spider-Man's future...again. Sony is now ready to offer Disney 30% of the profits and are willing to incorporate Venom and the other Spider-Man characters in the MCU. Disney originally asked for 50% in there "lets-change-the-deal-because-we're-Disney" move a month ago. Is this news true? Really can't say yes or no. Some areas of the internet like YouTube and Reddit posts are reporting it while others aren't even mentioning it. So it's really just "wait and see" what happens. Stay with the Geek Freak of the Week and Rock 101 for the latest.

Alright, team...hands in. Let's Geek Out!


The Good, The Great, and the Sad.

The Good News: After taking the summer off, Power Rangers: Beast Morphers returns this Saturday, September 14th at 8:30 in the morning (eastern) on Nickelodeon.

The Great News: While the rest of the world is watching that thing called "football" you can switch over to SYFY and watch the 2017 Power Rangers movie! The TV debut is at 9pm this Sunday, September 15th. Make sure you have the popcorn!

The Sad News: Ranger-Nation has lost another member of the family. Robert Axelrod, the voice of countless monsters, Rita's monster making minion Finster, and the most iconic character, Lord Zedd, has passed away at the age of 70. The exact cause is still unknown, however, according to Power Rangers Now, his health had been deteriorating over the last few years with back issues and had a wide range of medical bills to pay.

Lord Zedd was a huge milestone for the series. He was an original character and had no connection what-so-ever to the Super Sentai series in Japan. All that toy money gave Saban enough dough to create a set and costume for a new villain that was needed to change the show up a bit. As the series went on, he was made less menacing due to parents complaining, but he was able to stick around into Power Rangers: In Space.

Because I am a huge Power Rangers fan, expect an episode dedicated to his work in an upcoming episode of the Geek Freak of the Week: Podcast.


Watchmen Series Explained

I'll be honest...I am still a little confused on what this series will be about. Thank the nerd gods this was made to explain a little bit of it. Maybe that's part of the Watchmen experience. Not knowing. That's what made the graphic novel iconic. It took you as the reader in several directions and gave you the feeling that the world was ending and even superheroes couldn't save it. Let's see what this series is about when it comes to HBO next month.


Batman: Battle for the Bathroom

If you were nervous, scared, feeling ill, or hated the idea of Robert Pattinson playing the Dark Mr. Freeze says: CHILL!

It seems we have the blessing of Christian Bale that Robert Pattinson is the best choice to play the next caped crusader. In an interview with IGN the former Dark Knight was very animated when asked about his thoughts regarding the Twilight and Harry Potter actor dawning the cowl. His response was "good choice, he's interesting" and then proceeded to say that his one piece of advice is to learn how to go to the bathroom in the bat-suit. If you think about it...that is great advice. I never saw a zipper on that armor. Apparently he gave the same message to Ben Affleck back when he was cast for Batman v Superman.

The Batman comes out June 25, 2021.


A Fantastic Idea

Hey, fourth time to make a Fantastic Four film right is the charm, right?

  • Attempt 1: Fantastic Four - 2005
  • Attempt 2: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer - 2007
  • Attempt 3: Fantastic Four (reboot) - 2015

If there is any directing team out there that can bring Marvel's first family into the MCU, the Russo Brothers are qualified. However...hear me out. I think Brad Bird (creator, writer, and director) of The Incredibles should be given a chance at directing a Fantastic Four film. Considering The Incredibles being a family centered film and the Fantastic Four is all about family I think he has the brains to make a decent script and movie that fits the Marvel criteria. Plus, he has a great reputation with Disney so if he ever put his name forward he'd get a decent shot. If anything, let the guy write the script!

Still no word on when or if there will be a solo Fantastic Four film or even how the four will be integrated into the MCU. We just have to wait and see.


Marvel Goes Back To The 90's

Now coming to a streaming service near you...ALL OF MARVEL ANIMATION!

I'm thinking Avengers: Endgame, you know, they did that whole time travel thing? I think Marvel Studios also sent a team to stop off in the 90's to see what we all wanted to watch a few decades later. Someone told me that having Netflix is a luxury but having Disney+ is going to be a necessity. I believe it after this announcement. Look at all the content they keep adding! I remember as a kid (stop me if you've heard this before) this was my day

Before school: X-Men Animated Series | Iron-Man Animated Series | Fantastic Four Animated Series. Once these series ended, I'd run to catch the bus. I missed it a lot...oops.

After school: Spider-Man Animated Series | Big Bad Beetle Borgs | Power Rangers | Batman Animated Series. After those two hours I'd think about doing was optional, right?

I'm sure this was a big part of your morning/afternoon routine. Good can make it part of your current routine and relive the days you just sat on your ass and watched great superhero shows. I've been saying this for a while, we are in the "Age of Nostalgia" and this further proves it. Along with X-Men, Silver Surfer, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, & Spider-Man being added, Disney is also throwing in its original "Disney Afternoon" shows from Ducktales (original), Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers, Talespin, Darkwing Duck, and even the fan favorite Gargoyles. You can read that whole post by clicking here. Honestly, I can't wait to watch these series again. YouTube was getting pretty mad and blocked a lot of these shows from being uploaded.


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