A Letter From The Great Pumpkin! Nope. It's Just The Geek Freak of the Week

Happy Halloween! Are your stomachs full of candy? This is the time of the year dentists love because your visits will now pay for their offices Christmas parties.

This week started off with some huge Disney divorcing with David and Dan, the show-runners and creators of HBO's Game of Thrones who were hired to lead the next Star Wars series for LucasFilms and Disney. You can read that story here. Also, a few days later is was announced that the planned prequel for Westeros was also axed. Odd timing, right? Never fear! We were given some new light...well fire. That's jump right into that in the latest Geek Freak of the Week!



So after we learned that one Game of Thrones prequel (titled Age of Heroes) was canceled it seemed HBO was trying to move on from the Westeros and move on to other projects. HA! Nope. This past Tuesday during the HBO Max presentation (details here on that) it was announced that HBO is moving forward with a prequel series, just a different one. Instead of learning why the White Walkers and Man are at war we are instead getting something better (a lot better actually). The new series will be called "House of the Dragon" and will tell the tales of the Targaryen rise and rule over the seven kingdoms.

When will this happen? Don't know...but SOON!


CW Is Getting Super

Superman and Lois are getting their own series on the CW! Maybe, it's still in early development. The way this series is being talked about, it'll be more of a series like Lois and Clark, and the Adventures of Superman that ran in the 1990's. If this does come true, it'll return the Arrowverse back to seven shows on the network. In last years crossover, Elseworlds, it was announced that Clark and Lois were having a baby and were going to go off-world to raise their super bungle of joy, leaving Kara, Supergirl, in charge to save Earth-38.

With Crisis on Infinite Earths just weeks away, can we expect to see their baby from the comics, Jonathan Kent? December is only a month away!


Go Zeo!

Do you love Hasbro's Power Rangers Lightning Collection? Get ready for the some changes. The cost of the collection is going up. Starting with wave 4 (fall of 2020) the cost of an individual release will go from $20 to $22. The reason? Tariffs. That's right, we the fans are getting hit in our wallets because of tariffs. Okay...this isn't the place for politics.

What I love about wave 4 is Rocky is being featured this time. Not as the Red Ranger from mighty morphin, but as Zeo Ranger III, Blue. A great move for Hasbro. There are already two versions of Jason as the Red Ranger out for this line along with his Gold Ranger form. So, needless to say, there is enough of Jason to go around. Rocky wasn't well received as a Red Ranger (who would, you can't replace Jason) but when the rangers changed their suits in season four and went Zeo, Rocky became the Blue Ranger. It fit his character better. Plus, if you really want Rocky on your display as the Red Ranger, just swap the detachable heads and helmets. Easy!

Wave 4 of Power Rangers Lightning Collection is due out in fall of 2020.


New Mandalorian Trailer!

No need to talk about this...just watch!


The Mandalorian arrives the day Disney+ goes live on November 12th.

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Until next week...I'm Maz and that's the Geek Freak of the Week!



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