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Happy Friday and weekend! Not exactly a slow week, but a calm week let's say. Oh, on Tuesday, Disney+ arrives! Are you signed up? I caved last week but...if you have an Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV, it won't work on it. That's right, no Disney magic for Amazon. Apple TV supports the streaming service along with Ruku and your Hulu account. So if you don't have either, I guess you're going to the store to get an early Christmas gift for yourself.

UPDATE at 7:55pm on 11/8 : Disney and Amazon have reached a deal! So forget what I just said!


Alright, all is right in the world. Time to geek out. First up a trip into the world of the boy who lived!

Accio Rio!

It's been a while since we chatted about the Wizarding World so this was a nice surprise to hear...but take it with a grain of salt. Even though the movie is a few years out for us muggles we are getting confirmations to rumors out there. First and foremost, Fantastic Beasts 3 will take place (some of it) in Brazil. Given that the wizarding school in Rio de Janerio, Castelobruxo, focuses on Magizoology, Newts specialty, it would make sense he is hiding out there since the events of The Crimes of Gindelwald. Another report from Cinemablend.com reveals the third movie will also focus on Hogwarts and Dumbledore. That story here.

Okay, rant time. Can we please just move away from Hogwarts? I love the idea of going to Rio and seeing their wizarding school. We know there are more out there so why not explore their schools for these movies? Hell, I want to see Illvermony! Thunderbird house pride right here! When this new set of movies were announced, I was really worried we were going to be getting a Dumbledoor prequel. Why do that. The Wizarding World is just that...a WORLD! Give us stories of other wizards and witches. I thought by going back to the 1930s was going to solve that problem, ha. NOPE! Really, can we just move on? Okay, rant done.

Still no title for the third installment. We still have a while so expect that letter in the future. Fantastic Beasts 3 will be in theaters November 12, 2021.


Back To The Spiderverse!

Now that Into the Spiderverse 2 has a release date of April 8th 2022 we are starting to see which versions of Spider-Man (or woman) will be appearing. First up, get ready for the Japanese Spider-Man along with this giant monster-crushing robot Leopardon. No seriously...that actually happened. Take a look!


Why is a man dressed as a spider is piloting a robot that's based on a leopard...we may never know! So, what the hell did you just watch? Time for my favorite subject...HISTORY!

Back in 1978 when Marvel and the Toei Company of Japan teamed up to make a TV show about Spider-Man fighting monsters, and it became a hit with audiences in Japan. What made the show unique was he controlled a giant cat-robot that transformed to fight the monsters one-on-one. After the show ended, the idea of people in suits who call on giant animals and machines would later be used in another franchise that Toei controlled, Super Sentai, which became the source material for Power Rangers. So yes, Spider-Man created Power Rangers.


Leia's Screen Time

Eight minutes. That's the amount of time we will see be seeing our favorite galactic princess turned general. According to director JJ Abrams, Carrie Fisher was to have a big send off in this last film of the Skywalker Saga which arrives this December in theaters. After her death in 2016, her part was reworked for the last movie. What was suppose to be a Leia-focused movie, including her using her own light saber, will reduced to just under ten minutes. Will it start off the movie? Or be towards the end? We'll find out in a month!


Does It Come In Black?

Yes, yes it does! Anyone have $250 they like to donate? Tim Burton's 1989 Batmobile is coming to the Lego world as part of the 80th anniversary of the Dark Knight.

This classic car arrives on shelves November 29th (Black Friday) and will retail for $249.99. I'm going to go get in line now!


Double Trouble

Admit it...after seeing these two in Thor: Ragnorok you dreamed these two would team up. It's also important to know that some of the vents in the Disney+ Marvel shows (Like Loki) will directly relate to the next phase of Marvel movies coming out. Thanks Disney for taking more of our money...


Don't forget to listen to the Geek Freak of the Week Podcast! New issue is up now about the new hero of Gotham (and Batman Beyond suit idea thief) Batwoman!

Until next week. I'm Maz and that's the Geek Freak of the Week!



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