Time To Read Baby Yoda A Story! Here's The Geek Freak of the Week

Move over baby Groot! Baby Yoda is here to fill the void! It's actually a baby from Yoda's species and not actually Yoda himself. Or...is it? Spoilers: this is all from the first few episodes of The Mandalorian on Disney+. Chapter Three is now available to stream so go ahead and watch!

Also streaming on DCUniverse is a new episode of Titans. Dick Grayson's transformation into Nightwing is going to debut in next weeks season finale. In both the comics and animated series (all of them) Dick just grows up off screen and then comes back in his new black and blue suit. You never see Dick evolve from Robin to Nightwing. This series is finally exploring that arc and truthfully it's about time Robin, well, Dick Grayson, is getting a story like this. Fun fact. You know how Batman is called The Dark Knight? Nightwing's nickname is The Dark Heir. I wonder how Bruce's son, Damien, feels about that one.

As we start issue 78 of your geek gossip and nerds news, we have some more DC news to cover. So, let's geek out!

DC Fans Chant! Release The Snyder Cut!

You can't go anywhere without hearing about this. First here's a little recap of how we got ended up here. When Zack Snyder was picked to direct Man of Steel, Batman V. Superman, and Justice League fans were not happy. Along with the critics, everything about those movies was ripped apart from the dark tones, suit choices, to some of the actors picked to play these iconic characters. When Justice League was in the final editing stages tragedy stuck Zack Snyder's family and he had to step down from his directing duties. At the last second, Warner Brothers and DC brought in nerd king and savior Joss Whedon to finish the film. What should have saved the film didn't, and now fans are calling for the "Snyder Cut" version of the film. Along with their voices, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jason Momah, and Ray Fisher have joined the movement and calling for its release to the public. Warner Brothers and DC have stated that they have no plans to release it anytime soon. Hey, that's not a "no". At least the DC fans are rallying behind something together.


Time For More Marvel

I swear, we need second jobs in order to have money for everything Disney is giving us. Along with the movies and streaming series that phase four of the MCU is giving us, Marvel has announced more films set for 2023. What are these films? Only Disney and their inner circle knows. Here are some guesses. Perhaps Fantastic Four, X-Men, Deadpool, Silver Surfer, or even the Submariner are finally ready to be brought into the MCU and these dates secure a deadline. It's still 4 years away so we have time to watch the other stuff Marvel has for us.


Look In The Sky! It's A New Super Series!

Need more Superman and Lois in your life? The CW is giving you just that! Before we see the super couple in their own series we will see the two in the next few weeks when Crisis on Infinite Earths comes into our lives. Some photos have been floating around and it looks like we will be meeting their baby son, Jonathan Kent. In case you forgot Lois was pregnant at the end of last years cross over Elsewords? Seeing them again is not going to be backdoor pilot to the new series so-to-say. It's just establishing that the three are together and living happily...you know until the multiverse is at peril and they call upon Superman (wouldn't you?!).

I know you're excited to see this series but don't expect this show to be airing anytime soon. Production will begin in March 2020. Hold on to your capes until then!


Is This A Joke?

First there was a sequel, then there wasn't, then there was, now we are back to nope not happening. This is one big joke Warner Brothers is playing with us. Hey, why not have some fun while people are still chatting about one of the best sleeper hits of the year.

If there was a sequel, would it tie into the current DCEU or be stand-alone again? Fingers cross it's stand-alone


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