The solution to no toilet paper? Bidets!

The grocery stores are mobbed with people stocking up on supplies over the concerns with the cornavirus. The number one item on everyone's list? Toilet paper! And the shelves are empty. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?! Maybe a bidet is the solution! Let's chat about that because it can be the thing that saves us all!

So, What is a bidet? This clip from Crocodile Dundee might help.

You can learn a lot from movies. Now, in the US, the average household does not have a bidet, obviously. If you have been to Japan or anywhere in Europe they are everywhere. Some are stand alone units in the bathroom, or the Water Closet, but other designs are built right into the regular toilet that you would use. It's a way of cleaning your "under carriage" after you're done reliving yourself, especially after going "number 2". (this is going to be a great conversation to have with HR if anyone has a problem with this post)

They might look like an interesting addition to any bathroom but they are somewhat expensive. Ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars! I checked out my local Home Depot today and they sell one from American Standard, one of the most popular brands for toilets in the U.S. for $380.00. However, that's WITHOUT the hardware. Another one I saw, with hardware, cost $2,000! I did some online searching and the cost kept rising. Take that and add it to the cost of getting a license plumber to come in and install it. Cha-ching! You can see why many Americans don't want the stress of these things. It's easier to wipe, right? Well, yes! But if you are concerned over not having toilet paper, being clean all the time, and/or trying to save the environment then a bidets is the solution! They are more sanitary and cuts down on paper waste. Plus, it'll save you money at the grocery story. Don't worry, there is a cheaper option though. You can get a attachment for your existing toilet. In fact, Amazon has one for around $30.00 and the installation is pretty easy!

Pretty simple right? Is this on your weekend project-list now? Oh, I should note. Even after using a bidet you should still wash your hands!

Enjoy the toilet paper hunt! May the odds be ever in your favor.

-Maz, your friendly neighborhood traffic reporter on Rock 101 & 100.3 WHEB

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