Going Back To the Academy In The Latest Geek Freak of the Week!

Alas, another Comic-Con weekend has come and gone. I think we can all agree that this year was not the best it has ever been. However let us give credit where credit is due. It actually happened! I am also sure it was not easy to coordinate all the panels. My take away? It was great to see the panels for once. I have personally never been to San Diego Comic-Con, which means I have not have had the lovely experience of waiting in line to get into the famous Hall H at the San Diego Convention Center to see a panel. Even then, once you have taken a seat, you can't leave or else you loose it to someone else. Sitting in the comfort of your own Dork Den watching this stuff may been a nice change for the ones who do attend every year. There was one announcement that kind-of means something in 2021, but I have that in the podcast that you can listen to at the end of this issue.

Usually we don't see a lot of new news coming out the week after Comic-Con but with 2020 being a very odd year there are still some things to chat about. From new seasons of shows to the ones we watch getting nominated for Emmy's...let's Geek Out!

Grab The Umbrellas

Need plans this weekend? The Umbrella Academy season 2 is now streaming on Netflix! If you need a recap of season one you could watch it before you start season two and have a very long binge of the show. Or, you could watch this recap that Netflix has provided.

It's 2020. You Decide!

What is this, 1988? Batman: Death in the Family is not a new movie or sequel to Batman: Under the Red Hood. Although when you first watch it you might think that.

This interactive movie is related to the 2010 animated film based on the story line 'A Death In The Family' from 1988 where readers were given the choice to whether Jason Todd, the second Robin to fight alongside Batman, would live or die after being kidnapped and tortured by the Joker. In the end, readers decided to let Jason die. However, what if an alternate world, Jason Todd LIVED and continued to fight along side the Dark Knight in Gotham City? Would Jason's near-death experience make him a better Robin and aid to Batman or would it have made him go further down the path and become the infamous Red Hood? That is exactly what this movie is going to allow fans to see. Check out the trailer.

And the Award Goes To...

Well, a few of our favorite shows are nominated for the Emmys!

First up....Disney+'s most note worthy series The Mandalorian

Also making the list for best Drama series was Stranger Things, The Crown, Succession, The Handmaid's Tale, Ozark, and Better Call Saul.

and then, of course, HBO's Watchmen received the most nominations including Outstanding Limited Series. It'll go against Little Fires Everywhere, Mrs. America, Unbelievable, and Unorthodox. Why is Watchmen considered a limited series? They base it off the number of episodes a show has in that seasons run. Does this mean season 2 could happen?

The 2020 Emmy Awards are this September on ABC.

Don't forget there's a new Geek Freak of the Week Podcast episode out! Take a listen! Until next week. Enjoy The Umbrella Academy. I'm Maz and that's the Geek Freak of the Week!

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