Everyone Is Working Towards, Wait, Wednesday?

We all know Loverboys famous song lyrics "everybody's working for the weekend" but what if the work week was Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and....Saturday?

According to this YouTube video from CGP Grey, working the standard 5 day work week makes us unproductive and inefficient. He figured out if you move around the days with two-on then one-off and then three-on with another one- off, we, as humans can actually be better at what you do! (when it comes to our jobs that is)

Plus, a weekday-off means no line at the DMV, which is everyones dream.

For me personally, I love this idea. Knowing I don't have a 5 day work week ahead of me is amazing. Then again, I work weekends so maybe I am not the best person to say whether or not this is a good idea or not. Instead, I'll let you be the judge and jury on that! Take a look at this quick video to get the full meaning behind what I'm saying.

and now enjoy the song!

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