Citizens! Get Ready For Darkwing Duck!

Fellow geeks, nerds, dorks, and other friends from the 1990's....our hero of the night is returning in an hour long episode on Monday, October 19th at 6pm on Disney XD.

Check out the teaser!

It's no surprise I am excited about this.

The reboot of Disney's Ducktales is absolutely amazing, brilliant, creative, dedicated, energizing, fun, genuine, hysterical, impactful, joyful, knowledgeable, loyal, magical, nostalgic, outstanding, positive, quick-witted, resourceful, successful, terrific, upbeat, valiant, whimsical, x-traordinary, youthful, and, zillion-times better than any other reboot out there!

(Give me some credit for coming up with all that!)

This hour long episode is serving another's introducing more of Darkwing's world into Ducktales continuity. Taurus Bulba, one of Darkwing Duck's first foes from the 90's is debuting in this episode along with Gosalyn Waddlemeyer (later Mallard) the third addition to Darkwing's group of misfit heroes of St. Canard.

Along with that teaser, here is an exclusive look at next weeks episode.

Let's get dangerous! (and set your damn DVR's!)