Tom Brady Is Excited! Why? For The Geek Freak of the Week!

The big game is here! So, I am not a sports fan in any way shape, or form. Even quidditch confuses me a little. However, I am a foodie on the side and because your game day plans are probably a tad different this year, maybe it's your year to finally make some good home-cooking game-day food. Instead of the traditional pizza, chicken wings, nachos, and dip...try the very thing that the Captian America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor, and Dr. Banner/the Hulk consumed after defeating Loki's army in the original Avengers movie back in 2012. Shawarma!

Wait, did that scene happen with the new timeline after the events in Endgame? Loki did get away with the tesseract and space stone. And they went there to celebrate...but he got away. So there was nothing to celebrate? Sigh. As Deadpool said "these timelines are so confusing"'s how to make Shawarma and the geek gossip and nerd news that came out this week. Let's Geek out!

Wakanda Forever and Ever

One of the first things announced this geek week was over at Marvel HQ for yet-another Disney+ series to be added to the endless roster of series they are creating. This time, Black Panther director Ryan Coogler will be giving us a series about Wakanda and its people. Will this tie into the upcoming story for Black Panther II or be a way to introduce some of the X-Men that reside in the African nation? At this point, we'll take anything to have some more X-Men cameos. More on this as news develops.

Run Barry, Run

Season seven of The Flash will begin on Tuesday, March 2nd. The beginning will wrap up the sixth season storyline of the Mirrorverse. The Flash was also renewed for a season 8 this past Thursday. Along with the Scarlette Speedster, additional seasons were ordered for Batwoman, Superman & Lois, and Legends of Tomorrow. Fingers crossed for a 2022 crossover!

Serving Up Justice

As mentioned earlier in the week, the trailer for the next DC Animated movie has arrived. However, now we have a release date! Justice Society: World War II arrives on digital on April 27th and then lands on Blu-Ray two weeks later on May 11th.

You can find the voice cast here.

Justice Has A Rating

We're just a little over one month away until HBO Max releases the ever-so-anticipated Snyder Cut of Justice League. Even though this will be exclusively on the streaming app it's being treated as a new movie release. The official rating for this 4-hour film is R for "language and violence". The 2017 release was given a PG-13 rating for "sequences of sci-fi violence and action. This just shows the difference between the two.

I honestly don't care if it is Ben Affleck, I have always wanted to hear Batman drop the F-Bomb in a movie and I'm thinking this will be it!

The Snyder Cut will be available to stream on March, 18th on HBO Max.

As you make your Shawarma, make sure you take a listen to the latest Geek Freak of the Week Podcast! Available on the very free and always accessible iHeart Radio! Until next week...I'm Maz and that's the Geek Freak of the Week!