Time To Be Invincible With The Geek Freak of the Week

Before we start....QUICK DISCLAIMER! some stories in this issue are still developing and will be updated as more information is released.

Okay...let's geek out!

Smash Title Card

Season 1 of Invincible has concluded on Amazon Prime Video. If you haven't watched it, go for it. It's not AS bloody as Prime Videos other superhero series The Boys but I still wouldn't eat anything while you watch Invincible.

This past Thursday and before the final episode of the season was uploaded to Amazon's streaming platform, we learned that the freshman series has been renewed for two additional seasons.

Invincible started out in 2003 as a monthly comic series co-created by Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) and Cory Walker for Image Comics.

Some Like It Hot

The fans of Westeros are still trying to call the banners to have season 8 of Game of Thrones remade but HBO is moving forward with their other projects. House of the Dragon, a new series set 300 years before the events of HBO's Game of Thrones and will explore the height (and eventual fall) of the family that united the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros under one rule, House Targaryen. The series will draw its influence from the book Fire & Blood which George R.R. Martin released the first volume in 2018.

The series has begun production and is set to arrive with ten episodes on HBO sometime in 2022.

Back To The Dome

When something works, you do it again. DC's Fandome, a global experience that gave us a first look at trailers, TV series, video games, and other announcements for the comic book giant. Last year at Fandome we saw the first look at Wonder Woman 1984, The Suicide Squad, and a teaser for the upcoming reboot of the dark knight, The Batman.

What can we expect this October? Most likely trailers and other announcements for Black Adam (July 2022), The Flash (November 2022), Aquaman 2 (December 2022), Shazam! Fury of the Gods (2023), a look at The Suicide Squad's spin-off series starring John Cena, The Peacemaker (January 2022 on HBO Max), and most likely a full panel with director Matt Reeves and the cast for The Batman (March 2022).

Is it just me, or are the days of making announcements at San Diego Comic-Con no longer a thing?

Bambi Meets Mad Max

Now the title for this section is something I'm sure no one ever expected to see in the same sentence. Coming to Netflix this June is Sweet Tooth the story of a boy who is a human/animal hybrid set in a post-apocalyptic world. The series ran from September 2009-January 2013 with 40 issues under DC's Vertigo brand due to its adult and darker nature.

The live-action series is set to arrive on Netflix on June 4, 2021.

Go Go Online Rangers!

Just like every other fan convention Power Morphicon is going online this June.

The bi-annual event was canceled in 2020 due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and was forced to regroup in 2021. With just over two months away from the event, on Friday, the con's Instagram account announced that the event, including panels, prizes, and announcements, will be available via their YouTube channel from June 19-20th.

Another rumor from today's announcement is that the current series, Dino Fury (currently on hiatus) will not be returning to Nickelodeon but land on Netflix.

These stories are still developing.

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