Craftsman Updating Popular Tool Series

Even if you are not into the tools you have heard of the iconic name of Craftsman. What was the house brand for Sears is now over at the big blue box store Lowes and it's pretty hard to miss their bright red displays.

Craftsman went to Lowes after the tool-making giant, Stanly Black & Decker, bought the brand from Sears in 2017.

After almost 4 years of ownership, SB&D is ready to launch a new set of hand tools with the Craftsman name. A few pictures have surfaced and will be called the "V-Series". That name is familiar to tool users. Full look here

Will this new and updated "V Series" be a quality set of tools like the ones your grandfather owned or just blank imports with the Craftsman name on them? No word yet when they will hit the shelves. Until then...keep building!

Oh, and here is a talking bear to give you a quick history of the tool brand.

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