Grab The Rings. The Geek Freak of the Week Is Here!

Want to avoid the BBQs this weekend? Marvel's Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is out in theaters. This is Marvel Studios' first in-theater-only film since the start of the pandemic. Will you go or just wait for this film to end up on Disney+ in a few months?

And The Rating Is...

Just like the 2018 film, Venom: Let Their Be Carnage will be PG-13. They should have called this movie "Minimal Carnage"

Batman Gets Lawyered

I remember watching the episode when it first aired in 1994. This is (and was) the only time all of Batman's rogues were together in one single episode of this iconic series.

All that nostalgia aside, what does a REAL lawyer think? Check it out.

Back To The Dome

Who needs San Diego Comic-Con to make big movie announcements when you can have your own?! This is the second time DC and Warner Bros will feature the DC Fandome. The event starts on October 16th and will give us the following updates:

  • The full trailer for The Batman
  • First look at Shazam! Fury of the Gods
  • Sneak peek at Black Adam
  • Possible trailer for The Flash movie

Who needs apple picking when you can stay at home and just watch trailers and panels on a screen all day instead?

The Geek Freak of the Week Podcast is available on iHeart Radio so go take a listen! Until next week. I'm Maz and that's the Geek Freak of the Week!

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