Disney Bridge Breaks After Dad Jumps On It To Show His Kids That It's Safe

A Dad Showing his kids that a Disneyland Bridge is Safe Nearly Falls 3 Stories When it Breaks!

A dad was trying to show his kids a bridge at Disneyland was safe when a wooden slat broke out from under his feet. The incident occurred Sunday on the theme park's Tarzan's Treehouse attraction. The unidentified man, whose children had reservations about crossing a shaky suspended footbridge three stories above the ground, attempted to show them it was safe by jumping up and down on it, park officials say.

Apparently, he jumped a little too hard, breaking one of the wooden slats. While he was likely scared out of his wits, the man wasn't injured, Disney officials say. However, he did ruin the fun for thousands of other visitors, as Tarzan's Treehouse was shut down for the rest of the day. It reopened Monday morning, according to a Disneyland rep. Is there a theme park attraction you refuse to get on? Have you ever been hurt on a ride or attraction?

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