UFO Expert Says Video Of Alien Craft Is 100% Real

A video ---not released widely--- that supposedly shows an alien craft hovering over Lake Geneva is "100 percent real," according to a renown UFO hunter.

Taken by YouTuber Rol Soleil, the 68-second clip shows a bell-shaped object slowly and silently passing over Lausanne before disappearing behind a row of trees. "I looked over the detail, the quality of video, the coloration and fading from distance," says UFO expert Scott C. Waring. "I cannot find any flaws in it. It looks 100 percent real in all its aspects."

Although Waring claims the craft is nearly identical to one that conspiracy theorists believe crashed in Pennsylvania 55 years ago, others are pointing out its uncanny resemblance to a weapon rumored to have been developed by Nazi scientists in World War II. Die Glocke -- or "The Bell" -- supposedly gave Nazis the power to defy gravity, visit the moon and travel through time. What do you think the object is? If the Nazis could travel through time, why didn't they win the war?

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