Politician Arrested For Corruption Hid Cash In His Underwear-HA!

A Senator in Brazil tried to hide wads of cash in his underwear as he was arrested on suspicion of corruption.

Sky News reports Chico Rodrigues had asked to use his bathroom before being taken to jail. Police noticed a large rectangular bulge in his shorts as he walked out.

A search discovered 15,000 reais near his buttocks. After repeatedly denying that he had any more, Rodrigues angrily reached into his underwear and pulled out another 17,900 reais.

A searched turned up another 250. Rodrigues, who is accused of misappropriating COVID-19 funds, called the operation a home invasion and said he'll be exonerated. In addition to the cash found on his person, authorities seized more cash from a safe. In all, it totaled more than $13,600 USD. Where would you hide cash if you were trying to evade arresting officers?