New Mac & Cheese Ice Cream Sells Out In Less Than An Hour!

One might not expect macaroni and cheese-flavored ice cream to be terribly popular with consumers.

And, apparently, one would be wrong.

Thousands of people swamped the website of ice cream maker Van Leeuwen on Wednesday, snatching up the company's entire inventory of the bizarre frozen dessert in less than an hour, the company reports.

In fact, the number of people visiting the site was so overwhelming, the website crashed for a brief period, company officials say. The ice cream, introduced Wednesday to celebrate Mac and Cheese Day, sold out almost as quickly in Van Leeuwen's brick-and-mortar locations. More than 90,000 scoops of the $12-a-pint dessert were sold in about three hours, a rep says. What's the strangest flavored food you've eaten?

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