Modern Norman Bates Keeps Dead Mother In His Basement

Possibly taking a cue from the classic Alfred Hitchcock film "Psycho," an Austrian man has been arrested after police found the mummified corpse of his mother in his cellar.

However, unlike the movie's Norman Bates, this man had a motive behind his madness: he didn't reveal his mom's death to anyone -- including his own brother -- so he could continue collecting her pension payments, police say.

Since the woman died from dementia in June 2021, her unidentified son has collected the U.S. equivalent of $58,000, says Officer Helmuth Gufler. Police discovered the body after they were alerted by a postal carrier who'd asked to see the woman, Gufler says.

The body was discovered wrapped in bandages and smothered in cat litter to cover the odor, he says. Would you be able to sleep at night knowing a corpse was downstairs?

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