Jeep Bringing Back Springsteen Commercial After DWI Charges Dropped 

Celebrating America Primetime Special

Celebrating America Primetime Special

Jeep is bringing back its Bruce Springsteen Super Bowl ad after drunk driving charges against The Boss were dropped earlier this week.

The company had pulled the ad, which premiered during the Super Bowl, after news surfaced of Springsteen's arrest on DWI charges last November. But this week, two of those charges were dropped while Springsteen pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of consuming alcohol in a closed area.

A Jeep spokesperson said the company "paused the commercial until the facts were established", and is un-pausing the campaign "now that the matter has been resolved".

Did Jeep handle this the right way? Will there be any long-term damage to Springsteen's reputation from this incident?

Photo: Getty Images