Petition Started to Have Ozzy Osbourne Knighted

Now this is a petition I can get behind. It's about time another legendary British rocker gets knighted and why not Ozzy? I mean he's never been the most upstanding of individuals, but ... reasons.


From Loudwire Article:

"A petition has been made to have the Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne, knighted. is a website known for launching online campaigns that can be easily shared and electronically signed by tons of people in a short amount of time, and this most recent one has been designed to honor Osbourne for his contributions to rock and metal.

Helen Maidiotis started the campaign and addressed it to the U.K.'s Department of Culture, Media and Sport. "This petition is being launched in support of my ongoing campaign to Knight Ozzy Osbourne. This is the third attempt at gathering worldwide support through a petition for Mr. Osbourne. I believe that with the world wide fan base he has this will make a huge impact on the final outcome of our nomination," Maidiotis says. She's looking for the support of 5,000 fans."

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