Florida Man Drives 100 mph While Sitting on the Roof

This madman! A Florida man has been charged with reckless driving -- for not driving. Lakeland resident Leonard Olsen, 70, was taken into custody after an off-duty sheriff's deputy saw him flying down Interstate 4 at 100 miles per hour ... while sitting on the roof of his car. By the time on-duty cops stopped him, Olsen was back in the driver's seat and claimed he "didn't know about" riding on the roof, according to his arrest report. Olsen then told deputies he wanted to turn himself in because his "wife treats me like a servant and she's the mistress," adding he'd "rather go to jail than go back home," the report indicates. He got his wish. Once he was in custody, Olsen 'fessed up to the rooftop driving, saying he'd engaged the car's cruise control and climbed through the sunroof. "I thought it would be a nice way to praise God for a minute, and I thought it would be nice at the time," he said. "And that's what I did." What's the most irresponsible thing you've done while driving?


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