Dave Grohl Reveals How Coffee Is Worse Than Cocaine

25th Film Independent Spirit Awards - Backstage

During the Them Crooked Vultures period of Dave Grohl's life, he was drinking a massive amount of coffee. Apparently, all that java caused the Foo Fighters frontman to start losing his mind, as he revealed to the Bon App├ętit Foodcast. Grohl admits he was so busy at the time, he wasn't sleeping more than four hours a night. So he'd drink a pot of coffee in the morning. Then another when he arrived at the studio. While laying down tracks with his other band, he'd drink a third pot plus down iced tea. According to Dave, all of that caffeine made him feel like he "was on crack," adding, "I was losing my f***ing mind, I was spazzing out hardcore." How much coffee do you drink on the regular?


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