92-year-old Paratrooper Relives D-Day Drop


92-year-old paratrooper relives D-Day drop "I feel great. I'd go up and do it all again," FOX News reports a 92-year-old D-Day veteran said after parachuting from a C-47 Wednesday. The jump commemorated those those who dropped over Normandy amid gunfire 75 years earlier on June 6, 1944. Tom Rice, a US Army 101st Airborne Division paratrooper veteran and his modern day group descended upon fields of wildflowers near Carentan, just as men did in then occupied France the day before D-Day. Rice jumped with an American flag. Others carried World War II artifacts, including some carried by their own grandfathers in the war. What emotions do you feel on the anniversary of D-Day? Do you think some of that is being lost as time goes by?


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