Tom Morello Tosses Selfie Taking Fan's Phone Into Crowd

2019 iHeartRadio ALTer Ego – Show

Here's a heads up. If Tom Morello invites you up on stage, don't whip out your phone and try taking a selfie with him. At a show over the weekend, the former Rage Against The Machine guitarist brought a fan up to join him during a solo. Feeling that was a good time for the Gram, the guy went for a photo with Morello. Snatching the device from the guy's hand, Morello tossed it into the crowd. The following day, he took to Twitter, writing, "Put a phone in my face onstage and I'll throw it. #LiveInTheMoment". Turns out, Morello is totally fine with fan photos, just not while actually performing. Was Morello's reaction over the top? Plenty of artists have done similar stunts over the last year and who can blame them really. Check out the video below!



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