Man Gets Charles Manson Tattoo - Using Ink Mixed With Manson's Ashes

Wait, WHAT?!? A Charles Manson admirer has had the late killer's face tattooed on his arm -- using ink mixed with Manson's actual ashes. John Michael Jones, who claims to have been pen pals with the infamous murderer before he died in 2017, reportedly brought the ashes to tattoo artist Ryan Almighty, according to Loudwire. The image, which covers the entire upper half of Jones' right arm, is a spot-on likeness of Manson with an unusually pleasant look on his face. Apparently, Almighty didn't need all of Manson's cremains for the tat. He also mixed some leftover ashes with human blood to paint a portrait of Manson. Do you think this guy doesn't fully grasp the atrocities committed by Manson? Also how did he get his hands on the ashes?