Tower of Terror Visitor Assaults Operator, Takes Over Controls

What's scarier than riding on Disney World's Tower of Terror? Riding on the Tower of Terror when an angry park visitor is at the controls. That's what happened last week at the popular attraction after a woman became angry when she learned her FastPass was no longer valid, the Orlando Sun reports. After she was told her pass couldn't be used to avoid waiting in line, the unidentified woman became "verbally aggressive" with a Disney employee and began erratically pushing buttons on the attraction's control podium, police say. When the employee tried to stop her, the woman "repeatedly punched" the young woman in the face. The woman and her companions left when security was called, but was later located in the park. The Disney employee, who suffered swelling around her eye, declined to press criminal charges. However, the woman has been banned from Disney World "for life," officials at the amusement park say.

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