NYPD Makes 3 Arrests in Viral Water Attacks on Cops

Clearly NYPD officials weren't kidding when they vowed to put a stop to a viral trend in which residents approach unsuspecting cops and douse them with water. Investigators have made three arrests in connection to the recent attacks -- and it turns out not all of them were just malicious pranksters. Among the three men taken into custody Wednesday was reputed Crips gang member Courtney "Killer Court" Thompson, police say. Thompson, whose rap sheet shows more than 20 prior arrests, faces a slew of charges in connection with a Brooklyn incident in which an officer was drenched by a bucket of water as he walked along a sidewalk. The other arrests were connected to a Harlem incident in which two officers were drenched while making an arrest. One of the officers was also struck by a bucket as the group of attackers cheered. The names of the two suspects have not yet been released. Both the Brooklyn and Harlem water attacks, which occurred over the weekend, were captured on video and posted online. Do police officers seem to solve cases more quickly when the crimes are committed against them? What would make someone think it's possible to get away with attacking an officer?

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