Man Finds Decades-Old Infant Body Frozen in Mother's Fridge

I have so many questions with this one, but it must be insanely difficult for man who found what could have been his elder sisters body sitting in the back of his mother's fridge. He says he'd asked his recently deceased mother many times about the what was wrapped up and taking up space. His mother told him not to worry about it, that it was an old wedding cake. Those words just might haunt this man for the rest of his days. His interview is honestly heart-wrenching.

Adam Smith is 37 years old, which means that frozen body might have been back there for DECADES! I mean just imagine being his mother for a second (shivers), how do you EVER go into your freezer for ice cream or anything else for that matter without the constant reminder that one of your kids is in there. INSANE!

Check out the full interview with the son Adam Smith here!

Photo: Adam Smith

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