Man Facing Charges of Car Theft Arrives At Court in Another 'Stolen' Car

thief steling car

AUSTRALIA - This guy's IQ must be off the charts, because I sure can't fathom his logical analysis of the situation. Already facing charges of illegally using a motor vehicle in the land down under and made it a whole lot worse when 34-year-old Whyalla Norrie showed up to Christies Beach Magistrates Court in yet another stolen car. I mean how can you blame the guy, you already took his other stolen car, he had to make it work somehow! Senior Constable Rebecca Stokes said, "he'd actually stolen a car and turned up to court to face charges of car theft." Amazing this guy is.

He and his passenger now face another set of charges of illegally using a motor vehicle and the driver was also charged with driving while disqualified (without a license I'd imagine?). He's back in court today to learn his fate.



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