Red Sox Pitcher Rick Porcello Punches Two TV's After Bad Outing

Tampa Bay Rays s v Boston Red Sox

Last night's loss put the Red Sox in bad position at the moment as they get ready to travel to New York to finish their series against the Yanks. Rick Porcello had a bad outing last night letting up 5 runs by the end of the 2nd inning. His anger got the best of him as he exited the dugout and the dude punched through two TV's, and he really messed those things up. Not the most mature way to blow off steam but no lie I almost did the same when I learned the Sox didn't make any moves to get a closing pitcher. How can this pitching staff get the Sox to the World Series the way they've been playing? Pitching has been the lone liability this season as the bats have been on fire in stretches.



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