Caught on Video: UFOs Over Cincinnati


In a sighting confirmed by dozens of Cincinnati residents, several unidentified flying objects appeared in the sky over Ohio on Saturday before disappearing just as quickly as they'd materialized. In a video captured by one resident, several strange lights appear in a straight line as they move across the afternoon sky. Then, one by one, the lights disappear as the camerawoman can be heard saying, "They're gone, I just don't know." The disappearing act is followed by the emergence of another light on the left side of the screen. A second video posted on Sunday, which was apparently taken before the first video, reveals the lights were in a triangular pattern before regrouping into a straight line. While several Cincinnati residents have posted comments in which they claimed to have also seen the UFOs, so far there's been no official explanation for the phenomenon. What do you think residents saw? Do you believe UFOs visit Earth?


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