The Pub Will Pay For Your Headstone If You Die While Eating This Burger

The George Pub and Grill has quite the deal for diners: if you die while chomping down on their 12,000 calorie Big Ben Number 10, they'll pay for your headstone. Located in England, the restaurant wanted to make a huge splash on its reopening after a fire earlier in the year. The burger clocks in at over three and a quarter pounds, packing 25 slices of bacon and cheese between ten stacks of burger patties - all for just $35 USD. Owner Craig Harker has pledged up to $600 USD of his own money in "compensation" to anyone who keels over while trying to put this away, adding, "the meal comes with a warning to eat at your own risk." What's the biggest meal you've ever eaten? How did you feel after?


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