Cops Grieve the Loss of Doughnuts in Bakery Truck Heist

Police officers in Redding, California are recovering after learning something near and dear to their hearts had fallen victim to a violent crime: a doughnut truck. While conducting an investigation into the reported theft of a vehicle owned by Little Maya Bakery vehicle, investigators on Thursday happened upon the truck, which had been abandoned in a parking lot. However, their initial joy soon turned to grief when they realized the truck's entire stash of doughnuts had been destroyed -- scattered around the ground and the floor of the vehicle, according to a Redding Police Department report. A post on the department's Facebook page says the officers' discovery "broke their hearts." Adding more tragedy to the situation, an extensive search of the surrounding area turned up no suspects in the mass destruction of doughnuts. "Yes, it’s true," the department said in a post. "We, as officers, do have a sweet spot in our hearts for donuts. I mean, who doesn’t love donuts??????" How do you think the whole cop-doughnut thing got started? Can you think of any other profession that's tied to a certain type of food?


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