Miniature Horse Surprises Airline Passengers

While you might feel like cattle when flying, generally that's an exaggeration. It's not like you're actually seated next to livestock while in the air. Most of us anyway. Onboard an American Airlines flight last week from Chicago to Omaha, passengers shared the skies with a woman and her unique service animal: a 135-pound miniature horse named Flirty. The horse, of course, lived up to its name, with owner Abrea Hensley noting on Instagram, "Even the pilots had to come out and say 'hi.'" American was happy to be accommodating, telling TODAY, "We recognize the important role trained service dogs, cats and miniature horses can play in lives of those with disabilities," adding, "They are welcome in the cabin, at no charge, if they meet the requirements." What's the most unusual service animal you've seen?



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