Boston Dynamics Releases New Commercialized Robot


Well I though it would be a few more years before we actually start seeing ads of commercialized robots (robot vacuum cleaners don't count) but here we are! Boston Dynamics outlined a new bot called "Spot" that seems to be targeting job sites with it's "rough-terrain mobility, 360 degree obstacle avoidance, and various levels of navigation, remote control and autonomy." This new robot can carry 30 pounds of weight, has a top speed on 3 mph, and can run about 90 minutes with swap-able batteries. "Spot" is already in mass production and customers will be able to customize their bot by "adding specialized sensors, software and other payloads." BD also says, "early customers are already testing Spot to monitor construction sites, provide remote inspection at gas, oil and power installations, and in public safety." Now lets see a price tag.

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