Flight From Hell: Passenger Pukes on Woman; Couple Floods Plane During Sex

A Spirit Airlines flight out of Chicago had to be evacuated twice due to separate incidents involving drunk passengers. The nightmare began as passengers were waiting for the plane to taxi out onto the runway. A passenger, who'd apparently had too much to drink at an airport bar, suddenly got sick and threw up -- right on a woman's head. After flight attendants helped the poor woman clean the vomit out of her hair, they ordered everyone off the plane so they could give it a thorough cleaning. During the delay, one couple killed time by slamming back a few, which must have made them frisky -- because after re-boarding the flight, they scurried off into a bathroom together. During the tryst, they somehow caused the bathroom sink to overflow and flood the aisle -- forcing flight attendants to clear the plane again. What was the worst flight you've been on? Where was the most embarrassing place you've gotten sick?



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