Nightmare Fish That Can Breathe on Land Has Arrived in the U.S.

They're evolving! In a scary story out of Georgia, wildlife officials have confirmed the discovery of an invasive fish species that have sharp teeth and can breath under water and on land. They're telling anyone who finds one to "immediately" kill it. Experts say they're not entirely sure how the northern snakehead -- a type of fish that's native to the Yangtze River basin in China -- ended up in a Gwinnett County pond, but they do know it has a tremendously "negative impact" on native species. "They have the potential to prey directly on bass — especially younger bass," says Hunter Roop of the Wildlife Resources Division Fisheries Office. "We would ask say anglers that do catch a snakehead to kill it immediately. Then call the DNR so we can document when and where." Roop says his office is "trying to understand the magnitude of the problem." Have you ever seen a wild animal outside of its natural habitat? What's the scariest wild animal in the U.S.?



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