Scientists Make Shocking Revelation: 'The Blob' is Real!

In the 1958 horror flick "The Blob," a young Steve McQueen takes on a mindless mass of goo that kills its victims by engulfing and digesting them. Now it turns out the film's alien creature isn't as fictional as one might think. The Paris Zoological Park is preparing to open a new exhibit that showcases "the Blob" -- a gooey mass with no brain, mouth, stomach, eyes or nervous system. "The Blob is really one of the most extraordinary things on Earth today," zoo official Bruno David says. "It's been here for millions of years, and we still don't really know what it is." What scientists do know is like its fictional counterpart, it's seemingly indestructible; in fact, if you cut it in half, it will join back together. It also has 720 sexes, fears light and moves by slithering across the ground -- just like the movie version. However, the Paris Blob doesn't eat people; instead, it prefers tree bark, David says. The exhibit opens on Saturday. Any thoughts on what species the real-life Blob is? Could it have come from outer space, like its fictional counterpart did?



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