Coach Fired for Cursing in Speech to Players After State Championship Win

The head baseball coach at Seminole High School in Sanford, Florida has fired following a video emerging of him giving a profanity-laced speech to players following their first championship win since 1992. It was Coach Kenne Brown's first season as coach of the baseball team. On the ride home, a player recorded the passionate speech that Brown gave the team following the big win, where he clearly uses the F-word multiple times and points out a student’s medical condition after winning the state championship as an emphasis of the team's will to win the game.

“We got this motherf---er right here. No one else has it. It’s f---ing ours,” Brown said in the video, “You guys showed up, you f---ing played the game, you played it right, you never f---ing panicked." He also points out one of the players who has “type 1 f---ing diabetes.”

A petition has been set up reinstate Brown as head coach and at this point has almost reached it's goal of 15,000 signatures. Sign the petition HERE.

Viola Posley, the founder of the petition, writes: "Coach Brown has been fired because of his excitement that he could not contain...... I can only imagine how he felt to win a State Championship his first year coaching at Seminole High School." She continues, "Last year Mr. Brown a first year baseball coach won the first state baseball championship for Sanford’s Seminole High School in nearly three decades. He has now been fired all due to a celebratory video that recently surfaced online. The video was taken on the team bus right after the state championship game in June. In the video Mr. Brown is holding up the Class 9A state championship trophy and giving a profanity-laced speech to his winning team, his kids. Clearly his words were out of excitement! In the video he also referenced the fact that his star pitcher Charlie McDaniel pulled off an amazing job despite having Type 1 diabetes! Because of the 25 seconds, 42 words and seven f-bombs on the video Mr. Brown is no longer the baseball coach at Seminole High School."

Again, you can find the petition here.

Photo: WKFTV

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