GWAR Side with Trump on Drinking Bleach to Combat COVID-19

There's one group that thinks it's a swell idea to drink bleach to combat COVID-19; Gwar. The theatrical-metal group posted a "PSA" on Twitter with band member Jizmak da Gusha, outlining his thoughts on disinfectants for the body.

In the now deleted clip, Jizmak said "It was really great to hear our president say that it was okay to use bleach or cleaner as a drug. Gwar's been using it as a drug forever. You can inhale it. You can try to smoke it...shoot" before putting a bottle of bleach to his lips.

Just a side note here; Gwar's known to shock and repulse. It's very dangerous and even deadly to drink bleach or any disinfectant, so don't take medical advice from a musician who looks like he's been vomited up by a mutant rhinoceros.

Do you think Twitter took down GWAR's video because of the content? Have you ever seen Gwar live? Did you leave with any stains on your clothes?

Photo: Getty Images

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