Parks & Rec Public Meetings: COVID-19 Edition

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For people who have never attended a public meeting for their town or city government, these people might seem really out there. But for those of us that have spent hours listening and reporting on them, this is just another day at the office. Some people come with legitimate points about action items, but some come to let out their frustration and opinions. Click the video above!

These meetings depicted no doubt were covering the pandemic response in their respective area, so it makes sense if the subject was opened up for public comment. Some people just take things too far, just like Parks & Rec joked about for years. These people are real folks, and the they vote just like you.

Reddit user u/NoDopeOnSundaes posted the video on Thursday and I just had to share. That Ron Swanson bit at the end was a beautiful representation of where I'm at.

Video: u/NoDopeOnSundaes/Reddit

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