Ding ding....Round 2!So I've been doing this radio thing for just over 7 years now and I can honestly say it's been the best roller-coaster ride EVER!!!!! I've met so many great people (and sucky ones too, but the bad come with the good) through the years, I wouldn't trade it for the world.I'm just a small town boy living a dream, and no I'm not going to bust out Journey's "Don't stop believing". Born and raised in NH, I originally went to school for Information Technology (IT). You know, the department at work you constantly call cuz you were browsing porn sites and now have the slowest machine on earth thanks to all the pop-ups. The school closed, I lost all my credits, and never thought I would have a career. All it took was one fateful day in August of 2004. The rest is now history. It's only fitting that I get to start and hopefully end my career with the station I grew up listening to. So to all the Rock 101 listeners out there...... There is no better time than NOW to change your world. Lift your glasses with me and toast to that, now or anytime you find me out on the town in the good ol' city of Manchangeles.