What's Appening - 07/20/21

  1. Slap: Sounds like a plan | iOS

Slap is a new video-based social planning app that supercharges your social life. It's more useful than a group chat, but more fun than a calendar. Half the fun of doing something is the anticipation of doing it. But who likes to make plans? It can be such a hacked together hassle, so we decided to fix that. We've turned the map into a video-based social calendar with group chat that captures future plans with collaborative event stories. There are plenty of invite services that ‘list’ who’s coming to your party, kickback, or ... but none of them ‘show you’ who’s coming and how excited they are to join in.

2.Active Arcade | iOS & Android

Active Arcade is a fresh take on how to get active while having fun, just by playing a few simple games. It puts you inside the game and uses your natural body movement as the game controller. Interactive elements will make you feel like you're immersed in an entirely new type of arcade game. 

3.Phissy | iOS

Phissy makes it easy to track and share all your favorite restaurants and dishes, so you can enhance your future dining experiences based on your own dining history and that of people you trust. With a couple simple taps, you can remember what you ordered and what you'd do differently next time. Next time you go back to that restaurant, just check Phissy to ensure you don't repeat any mistakes and reorder what you love!

4.Brickit: Rebuild your Lego | iOS & Coming Soon Android 

Brickit gives you ideas and tools to build new creations with your Lego bricks: Tell us what bricks you have. Find the sets you have at home and mark them — it will help us understand what bricks you own. Get fresh building ideas. We'll show you what to build with the bricks you have. Robots, kangaroos, х-wings, and more! Assemble step by step. Choose the idea that catches your fancy and follow our handy instructions

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