What's Appening 10/27/21

  1. Gametime - Last Minute Tickets | iOS & Android

Gametime is the app that helps you score deals to all your favorite events. Now featuring Gametime Ticket Coverage, the most comprehensive service and protection policy in ticketing - included free with all purchases. Take advantage of falling ticket prices as you get closer to the event time. Buy tickets up to 90-minutes after the start of the event.

2.Mapper for Safari | iOS

Automatically redirect Google Maps links from Google searches to Apple Maps. No more copy/pasting addresses. 

3.Wisdom: Talk & Listen | iOS

Expert advice when you need it most! Wisdom provides the help you need at the moment you need it from the only person in the world who can provide it. Chat LIVE with experts in dozens of categories from parenting, fitness, and dating to startups, food, and beauty. Wisdom is a free, supportive audio community full of people who want to live their most productive and meaningful life.

4.Neighbor - Turn extra space into cash | iOS & Android

Interested in making money from your unused space? Neighbor is the best way to list space for storage or parking and get matched with a renter. Earn $200+ per month by renting out your unused space for storage. Do you have an unused garage, RV pad, basement, bedroom, or closet? Easily list your unused space in minutes. You can decide your price and what times the renter can access your space. Neighbor automatically transfers payouts to you, and manages safe communication between you and your renters.

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