What's Appening - 11/09/21

Eternals - AR Story Experience | iOS

Join Sprite, one of the Eternals, on an exciting Augmented Reality adventure through time to discover the truth about humanity. In this Marvel Studios Immersive Story Experience, explore the characters, world, and stories of the film like never before. Use your iPhone or iPad to step inside the world of the Eternals and meet the heroes in AR, before you watch the film in theaters!

Linc - Personal Relationships | iOS

If you feel the desire to be a better friend, daughter, or brother, but feel frustrated at your ability to keep in touch— Linc is for you. Linc helps you remember to reach out to that old childhood friend, to wish your nephew ahappy birthday, or to keep building that new friendship. Linc is the solution to that ever-present feeling of anxiety over not being better connected to the people you value. With powerful reminders and quick access to all of this information, you will never again have to worry about not having talked in too long or frantically trying to remember a forgotten detail.

Stir - Single Parent Dating | iOS & Android

Be the first to join Stir, the NEW dating app exclusively for single parents. As a single parent, you’ve tried other dating apps, but at the first mention of your kids, you’re no longer interesting. Sound familiar? That’s why we created Stir, a dating app with a focus on single parents. It’s where you don’t have to apologize for having a crazy schedule. It’s where having kids isn't a deal-breaker. It’s where solo parents can meet, chat, and rediscover the fun in dating.

Neighbor - Turn extra space into cash | iOS & Android

Interested in making money from your unused space? Neighbor is the best way to list space for storage or parking and get matched with a renter. Earn $200+ per month by renting out your unused space for storage. Do you have an unused garage, RV pad, basement, bedroom, or closet? Easily list your unused space in minutes. You can decide your price and what times the renter can access your space. Neighbor automatically transfers payouts to you, and manages safe communication between you and your renters.

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